ŠKODA Transforms the Maintenance Ecosystem with Augmented Reality and IIoT

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Lukáš Kousal & Jiří Parma

The Press Shop ŠKODA AUTO a.s. needed to develop a brand-new condition monitoring system to monitor the Schuler PXL Press Lines, and help the maintenance department monitor key devices and values. SMART Maintenance FIOT deals with the whole maintenance ecosystem including data collection, condition monitoring, smart maintenance, predictive maintenance and augmented reality. The FIOT system monitors the Press Lines and their parameters, compressed air consumption, energy consumption, the flow rates and temperatures of cooling water, the temperatures of the main motors, pressing force values, vacuum, PROFINET networks, etc. The FIOT has features like 3D model (digital twin) visualizations, an alert subsystem, augmented reality and links to the relevant documentation. The system, which is based on OPC communications and the ThingWorx IoT platform was built by Czech company FOXON s.r.o. The FIOT is represented using the web app and the mobile tablet which is user-friendly.

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