Cummins Inc.'s CAD & Part Structure Journey: Separation to Synchronization

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David Cobb

Historically, the business units that comprise Cummins Inc. have used separate systems for storing and managing CAD data and parts, documents, and change data. A variety of tools and processes for managing these separate environments evolved over time with both organic growth and acquisitions. The company is now partway through a multi-project initiative to adopt a new, comprehensive data model within one PLM system that is meant to provide a foundation for a common enterprise environment in the long term. Enabling the use of CAD to part structure (BOM) synchronization for both new and legacy parts is a key goal that impacts multiple elements of overall migration, solution, and adoption strategies. This session will share lessons learned, best practice methods and tools, and improvement opportunities resulting from Cummins Inc.'s journey to transform CAD & part structure from separation to synchronization.

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