Smarter Factory: A Path Towards Resiliency

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Shankar Nagarajan

Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing companies want to streamline their processes and make the transition from linear, document-centric processes to dynamic, digitally-connected processes that maximize the advantages of a digital ecosystem. Better integration from design to manufacturing and from manufacturing to service and repair and supply chain optimization and readiness will allow A&D companies to differentiate from their competition. Smart Factories will be at the core of our clients’ digital manufacturing strategies enabling Digital Thread, Digital Twin, and supply chain transformation projects. Smart Factory will allow companies to reduce costs, launch new programs, increase capacity, streamline processes, ensure timely throughput and delivery, and maximize operational utilization of their manufacturing infrastructure enabling a continuous improvement cycle. Now, more than ever, the need to create efficiencies for smarter operations provides an opportunity to thrive in the "new normal" and become competitive.

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