BOM Transformation: Managing Multidimensional & Multidisciplinary BOM

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Hardik Shah

As product complexity surges and innovation is happening at a rapid pace, the time to launch a new product is getting shorter and shorter. To scale with the market and remain competitive, organizations must evolve and store all product information in product BOMs which is used and adapted throughout the product's lifecycle. Many enterprises rely on just an engineering view, thus forcing others to manually copy and restructure BOMs to suit their own needs. This leads to outdated data and laborious processes to keep upstream and downstream changes aligned. Global companies create plant BOMs for various plants that maintain plant level info and product localization, in which manufacturing engineers create alternative plans to build the product by restructuring the original engineering BOM. Creating and managing relationships between upstream and downstream BOM's is called BOM Transformation. Attend this session and see demonstrations on how to manage multiple BOMs through BOM Transformation, manage enterprise information on downstream BOMs, and get the right information based on user roles and responsibility.

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