Cybersecurity & XR: Are You Prepared?

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Kavya Pearlman & Maria Tamellini

XR misuse by attackers can potentially lead to psychological, physical, reputational, social and economic harm. In this session, XRSI advisory board members explore the potential of threats in XR systems, understand how to mitigate them, and how to better protect end-users and enterprises moving forward. This session will approach the topic from multiple directions. Starting with an introduction to cybersecurity, it will then dive into XR-specific security challenges. These include concerns, constraints overlap and the types of threats XR is experiencing and may experience in the future. We will also discuss issues of privacy and trust in the context of cyber-attacks, child safety, disinformation, and propaganda. Finally, we will frame how the industry can respond to these challenges: what research and development is needed in order to move from research prototypes and early demonstrators to secure, reliable and trustworthy systems that can play a more significant role in everyday life.

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