Modernizing Technician Training with Augmented Reality

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Wes Tomer

Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique produces vacuum pumps and systems that are essential in a wide range of applications such as thin-film coating, mass-spectrometry, solar technology, steel-degassing, and food packaging. Manufacturing, sales, and distribution centers cover multiple brands and a vast range of products requiring service. Service technicians are spread across the globe in teams to maintain and repair a wide range of vacuum pumps. There is an ever-increasing need for training as new products are developed more rapidly. Traditional training methods require an instructor in a classroom setting, but Atlas Copco has added augmented reality (AR) training to provide a more modern, flexible solution. Self-paced AR training enables technicians to delve deeply into the content to gain a better understanding of products. It allows them to get 3D in-context guidance without having an instructor in the room, and learn while having their hands free to work on the physical product. Join this interactive session to learn more about how Atlas Copco is using Augmented Reality in its service business.

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