Work Smarter or Harder? A New Creo Approach To Modeling & Changes

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Bart Brejcha

Too many times Creo Product Designers can become set in their ways, especially if they've not had additional training. This presentation will offer you a new perspective on utilizing Creo by showing you how to manage the parent-child relationships effectively. In this presentation, I will tell a story leading you through a wide variety of tools, techniques & changes while offering advice for working smarter not harder. First, I will discuss the approach to creating a dog ball toy by first using markers on a white board to illustrate the approach, then by implementing it live with Creo 7.0 In this demonstration, we will change the model 10 times without failure. Then, I will offer a live demonstration of modeling by showing how robust a water pitcher model is by modifying the bounding edges and changing the model. Then I will add tools to manipulate Style curves & surfaces.

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